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Site funding

We are committed to providing our services to you, our users, in a way that is independent, accurate, reliable, private and free.

The free part is very important to us, but we do need to cover our costs, which are significant. We have web servers to house and power, bandwidth to pay for and at any one time we have around 10 people working for us. So, (unsurprisingly) to help fund this site we use some advertising and affiliate links.

We only use banner advertising, so it should be obvious what is being advertised and what is our content.

And, for links where we earn some commission if you click and decide to purchase the goods or services on offer, we make it clear by describing the link as an affiliate or partner organisation. If you are in the market for those goods or services, we encourage you to access them via our links, as it will mean that we can continue to enhance the information available to you on

We could earn more money by advertising products and services (like online poker or pay day loans) that we don't believe in, but we don't.

We could earn more money by recommending goods and services to you that might not be relevant to you (like charter tours or cash-for-gold offers) but we don't.

We don't let our affiliate partners alter any of our recommendations or the information that we provide. It is independent and accurate, drawn from our detailed understanding of the way the social security system in the UK works.

We work hard to make sure your information is kept absolutely confidential. We don't link answers to specific questions to individual users, and we will never sell your email address to marketing firms or third parties.

In summary, this site is supported by very carefully chosen advertising and affiliate links. If you have ethical, relevant services or products that you think our visitors should know about, please get in touch with us. You can apply to advertise on our site through Adslot.