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Features and benefits

  • Highlights high spending

    Highlights high spending

    Highlights high spending by comparing to standard amounts

  • Maximise income

    Maximise income

    Helps to maximise benefits income, highlights the effect of moving into work and allows assistance with budgeting support if needed

  • Discuss housing choices

    Discuss housing choices

    Help tenants see the affordability of alternative housing choices

Why is the homelessness prevention tool important?

The homelessness prevention tool helps local authorities meet their obligations under the Homelessness Reduction Act, allowing you to provide online support without putting pressure on your internal resources.  The tool can be used as self-service or adviser-led to support clients either where private renting is an option or where there is no local authority duty.

Client Showcase

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Maidstone Borough Council

The Housing Advice team in Maidstone started using the new Homelessness prevention tool this year to help prevent eviction when their tenants experience rent arrears. They use the tool to assess a client’s income and expenditure so they are able to decide if an affordable payment plan or an alternative offer of accommodation can resolve problems with tenancies. Tenants complete the tool prior to their appointment allowing more time to help them understand what needs to happen to prevent and alleviate their homelessness during their follow up advice session.

How much does the tool cost?

The homelessness prevention tool is available on its own or as an add-on to the benefits calculator. The subscription depends on the number of households in your local authority. Get in touch for a quotation today.