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About us


Our mission is to

help everyone to access the benefits they're entitled to

Our vision

We want to make sure everyone who is entitled to benefits is empowered to claim them.

The UK’s benefits system is very complicated. And we know it can feel overwhelming for people using it for the first time or needing to understand the implications of a change of circumstances. So, our task is to simplify the system so people can quickly find out what financial support they may be entitled to.

Every year millions of people carry out a benefits check or complete a budget on one of our websites. But many millions more still don’t know what they can claim or how to claim it. Working with others we want to be part of the solution to the issue of low benefits take-up.

By signposting individuals to the support they can claim based on their own circumstances, and by ensuring our tools are easy to use and accessible to the widest possible range of users, we will help to increase benefits take-up and maximise entitlements.

And by working with forward thinking organisations, as well as via our own website, we will help people on low incomes navigate the benefits system, so they can better their own lives.

We will do this by having a collaborative attitude allowing us as a business to continually evolve our digital tools as government policy changes. Our overall vision is to enable our partner organisations to provide effective and reliable services for their clients.

If you would like to know more about how our tools can help you and your clients find out about our products and services or get in touch, we will happily arrange a chat, demonstration or free trial.

Our values

Since launching in 2000 we have been a leading provider of online benefits calculators in the UK, in fact we were the first!

We believe that everyone living in the UK should be able to understand what their legitimate entitlements are and honestly claim that amount from government, because social security is a key aspect of our society and a vital part of our modern communities.

We take great pride in helping people determine what they can claim from national and local government via our self-serve or advisers-led calculators and by being:


We are entirely independent of government and our users know they can use our sites anonymously, equipping themselves with the knowledge and information they need in order to deal with the benefits system with confidence.


Our in-depth knowledge of the UK's social security system ensures our calculators are authoritative and up-to-date. We cover all means-tested benefits, including Universal Credit, and our products are constantly updated as new legislation takes effect.


We provide a trusted estimate of benefit entitlements based on an individual’s circumstances. We are relied upon by 100s of organisations who support their clients to access benefits and provide budgeting support.