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Features and benefits

  • Various timeframes

    Various timeframes

    One time data extract or ongoing analysis possible

  • Size and scale

    Size and scale

    Explore data on an individual, ward or local authority-wide basis

  • Past or present

    Past or present

    Optional historical analysis showing the impact of previous changes

  • Modelling


    Scenario modelling options available

Why is data analysis important?

By understanding your data you can make better decisions, streamline your process and be proactive in managing changes. Working on an individual, ward or local authority-wide basis, and using a one-time data extract or ongoing analysis, we can help you model various scenarios to analyse the impact of existing or proposed spending changes within your department.

Client Showcase

Discover some of our services designed for our clients

Data analytics

“We’re really excited to be developing our new data analytics services to help Local Authority clients old and new to understand the impact of benefit changes on their residents. Using local authority data, combined with our calculation engine, we can help you to plan and forecast the effect of Universal Credit and welfare changes to allocate your resources efficiently. Get in touch for a chat.”


How much does the data analytics cost?

This is a bespoke service so get in touch for a quotation based on your needs.