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Features and benefits

  • Quick and accurate

    Quick and accurate

    Both advisers and clients can carry out quick and accurate benefits calculations

  • Visual comparisons

    Visual comparisons

    Simple graphical comparisons between on-benefit and in-work situations

  • CRM integration

    CRM integration

    Seamless integration with your CRM system

  • Help clients

    Help clients

    Help clients understand the benefits of moving into work

Why is the better off calculator important?

Available either as adviser led or public self-service options, the calculator will help you guide your clients through the transition from claiming benefits to being in work.

Client Showcase

Discover some of our calculators designed for our clients

Reed in Partnership

The Better off Calculator was designed for welfare to work advisers and their clients to confirm benefit eligibility and compare what benefits are available when someone moves in and out of work. Via their network of 100s of advisors around the UK Reed in Partnership use the Better off Calculator to help their clients see the benefit of moving into work, as well as ensuring they are maximising their income.

How much does the better off tool cost?

The better off calculator is available on its own or as an add-on to the benefits calculator. Licences can be purchased on a per user basis or with unlimited organisational access. Get in touch for a quotation today.